RefDeliverable nameWPPartnerTypeDissem.Date
D1.1Definition of requirements and Product SpecificationsWP1TeknikerRCOM3
D1.2Guidance of StandardsWP1OnyxRCOM36
D1.3Energy Efficiency Certification RoadmapWP1OnyxRCOM42
D2.1Report concerning the Protocol for the synthesis of the WF3 and PBDTT-DPP derivatives and their first OPV evaluationWP2AdventRCOM6
D2.2IR polymer production (3 to 5 g)WP2AdventDEMCOM18
D2.3Report on the optimized processes for IR selective cells and mini-modules with integrated IR internal Bragg reflectorWP2CEARCOM24
D2.4Demonstration of IR selective solar cell (PCE ≥ 7.5%, AVT ≥ 60%, CRI ≥ 70) standing less than 20% of loss of efficiency (T80) after 1000 hours under continuous illumination with UV filterWP2CEARCOM30
D3.1Report on the screening of processes and materials for multifunctional UV coatingsWP3IMECRCOM6
D3.2Report on the optimized processes and materials for multifunctional UV absorbing solar cellsWP3IMECRCOM18
D3.3Report on the optimized processes for UV selective cells and mini-modulesWP3IMECRCOM24
D3.4Demonstration of UV filter (UV absorption > 99%) and UV selective solar cell (PCE ≥ 2.5%, AVT ≥ 60%, CRI ≥ 70), compatible with long-term targetsWP3IMECDEMPUM30
D4.1Optimal cost-efficient device architecture for implementation of the UV and IR solar cellsWP4CEARCOM18
D4.2Optimal aesthetic device architecture for implementation of cost efficient UV and IR solar cells with suitable visible light transmissionWP4CEADEMCOM24
D4.3Optimal window configuration for implementation of window prototypeWP4IRECRCOM24
D4.4Report about the energy, environmental and economic performance of window solution in case studies by simulationWP4IRECRCOM30
D5.1Functional, stable and long-lived glass-glass modules for S-format (5×5 cm2) BIPV demonstratorWP5OnyxDEMCOM27
D5.2Functional, stable and long-lived glass-glass modules for M-format (30×30 cm2) BIPV demonstrator – MWP5OnyxDEMCOM33
D5.3Demonstration of transparent PV technology (AVT ≥ 60%, CRI ≥ 70) in a 30×30 cm2 window elementWP5OnyxRCOM42
D5.4Technology Development RoadmapWP5OnyxRCOM42
D6.1Circular Economy Strategies Implemented for PV WINDOWWP6CEARCOM30
D6.2Report of LCA and LCCWP6CEARCOM42
D6.3Industrial Manufacturing RoadmapWP6ArmorRCOM42
D7.1Plan for the Dissemination and Exploitation of ResultsWP7IRECRPUM3
D7.3Data Management PlanWP7IRECRPUM6
D7.4Detailed definition of the Exploitation Strategy according to the materials/processes re-assessmentWP7OnyxRPUM6
D7.5Updates of the Plan for the Dissemination and Exploitation of Results (PDER)WP7IRECRPUM18-36-42
D7.6Refined Feasibility Study and Business PlanWP7OnyxRCOM42
D8.1Project Management HandbookWP8IRECRPUM1
D8.2Project internal web databaseWP8IRECRCOM3
D8.3Tech4Win Gender Equality Action PlanWP8IRECRPUM6
D8.4Periodic Report 1WP8IRECRCOM9
D8.5Periodic Report 2WP8IRECRCOM21
D8.6Periodic Report 3WP8IRECRCOM33
D8.7Final Project ReportWP8IRECRCOM42
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