Month 21 Meeting – Tech4Win Project

The (remote online, due to COVID restrictions) Month 21 Project Meeting of Tech4Win project was organized on 14th September 2020. 17 participants from the 8 project beneficiaries involved in Tech4Win attended an online meeting coordinated by Prof. Dr. Alejandro Pérez-Rodriguez (IREC). The meeting included a detailed review of activities for the last months and the planned activities for the next 6 months.

Tech4Win proposes a very innovative transparent photovoltaic (PV) window concept that is based on the adoption of a tandem inspired structure combining an inorganic UV selective multifunctional coating with an organic IR selective PV device. This will allow fully exploiting the IR efficiency and transparency potential of organic based solutions together with the robustness and stability of inorganic thin film concepts, combining sustainable and industrial compatible technologies with demonstrated potential for cost reduction, and avoiding the use of critical raw materials to ensure sustainable mass deployment.

A well balanced multi-sectorial consortium comprises reference research centers, high-tech European companies and relevant stakeholders involved in the value chain: ADVENT, ARMOR, CEA, IK4-TEKNIKER, IMEC, IREC, KENOSISTEC, ONYX.

This project has received funding from the EU’s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 826002.

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